THIS IS OCALOKA is an online fashion retailer that houses various fashion brands both local and foreign. With a target market of both men and women of ages 16-35ish hopes to cover the 5 million and growing internet subscribers around the country. Starting small with Colombo residents, intends to not just sell fashion but to over all develop the sense of fashion within its target communities. is a platform built with absolute user friendliness and customer convenience in mind, thus encouraging target markets to shop from an extensive assortment of clothing to better express individualism. not only serves customers a better service but also is a space for vendors of any scale to easily access client bases. With strict quality controls in place and skilled fashion buyers handpicking what is showcased on the platform, creates a competitive and nurturing environment for all enrolling brands.


Fun, Hip, Bold, Responsible and Accountable are few characteristics of the brand that encapsulates millennial innocence whilst upholding more mature values of older generations.
As an online platform we take our communication and interactions with customers and the general populace very seriously. We aim to push social boundaries, create conversation and therefore change the social landscape to one that is more accepting, loving and giving. The extensive variety of clothing available on the platform will power individualism, however through the platform and its communications we will strive for positive change within communities to support and enable this individualism without discrimination. Ocaloka as a brand would like to recognise itself as a social influencer rather than just another fashion platform. is not just another profit oriented business, but one with a vision and purpose which will allow us to remain relevant in the long haul. We are confident that our purposeful yet relatable communications allow us to reach out to markets across the globe and elevate the Sri Lankan fashion retail scene to heights it hasn't thus far achieved. We are focussed on evolving to always stay on top of our game thus growing into a viable global competitor.
Sri Lanka currently is a prominent player in garment manufacturing and our edge lies on being an industry player with invaluable ethics; as a retail mechanism taking Sri Lankan fashion into the international arena will undoubtably live up to these ethics and give back even more.



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