Run by a group of young, passionate, ambitious and tenacious group of individuals, ocaloka.com is a startup that is not shying away from support of more experienced businesses and business figures that share similar mindsets as we do.
Firstly and fore mostly it would be our pleasure and honour to work with you and your institution in our long journey of bringing about positive influence over target communities. ocaloka.com works with 20 plus established clothing vendors with social media exposure reaching over 3000 customers each. We seek counsel from some of the most esteemed figureheads of business in and out of the industry. Ocaloka houses a network of freelancers of various creative capacities. Our relationships are our most valued asset, and with pleasure would like to extend an invitation to you and your business to become a part of the family for in return we will carry your name alongside ours as we gear towards positive influence on target groups through fashion.



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